Getting Married

Saul & Ballee Parish

pexels-photo-71298We are delighted that you have decided to hold your marriage ceremony in our parish.

A church wedding is above all a religious ceremony, where the bride and groom commitment themselves before God and the community to lifelong, faithful love.  Despite some misunderstandings, a wedding in the church is not an expensive option compared to other venues.

It is a requirement of the archdiocese that couples intending to marry should give a minimum of three months notice to the priest.

Please ensure that the priest and the church are available before making other firm wedding arrangements.

Couples will fill in a PRE-NUPTIAL ENQUIRY with the Priest.  This form includes details of Baptism, Confirmation and Freedom to marry.

It is requirement of the diocese that all Couples attend a Pre-Marriage Course. Details of these courses are available in the Parish Bulletin and also from ACCORD – on their website http://accord-ni.co.uk

A very useful website to have a look at is www.gettingmarried.ie.  The full ceremony and choices of readings and all you need for your booklet is available here:  RITE OF MARRIAGE

The new marriage law 2004 requires that both persons inform the state before the wedding.  A notification of marriage form will need to be signed by the priest celebrating the wedding Mass.  This form is available from the local registrar’s office or downloaded here: http://www.larne.gov.uk/uploads/docs/777_marriagenoticeapplicationform.pdf



Welcome to Saul Parish, from the Irish sabhall phadraig meaning Patrick’s barn. It is claimed that when St Patrick came to Ireland in 432, strong currents swept his boat through the Strangford Lough tidal narrows, and he landed where the Slaney river flows into the lough. The local chieftan Dichu was quickly converted and gave him a barn, and it was here that St Patrick founded his first church in Ireland at Saul.

Nearby on the crest of Slieve Patrick is a huge statue of St Patrick with bronze panels showing scenes from his life. St Patrick was born near Dumbarton in Scotland in the year 387, died at Saul on 17th March 461, and is buried in nearby Downpatrick. Our church today is a modern church having gone through extensive renovations in 2008, and has 2000 families most of whom have very close ties with the church.

The parish is led by Fr. Paul Alexander pp. Mass is celebrated every day, and a full schedule of our mass times can be viewed on this website.

Saul & Ballee Parish